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Do you want to lear how you can start to make money online with affiliate marketing?
Examples on how affiliate marketing is done the right way.
After that, I will give you 25 ideas of affiliate marketing products that you can promote, and also show you how to find products and service for yourself to promote the way you know, what you want to promote.
We will create an affiliate website around it and fill it with available information about the product.
And throughout the video, I will motivate you.
If that’s the case, you can find timestamps in the description of this video.

When you click on one of those, you go directly to that spot in the video.
And if I go too fast for you, you can slow down the video by clicking here and change the speed of the video.
In this video, I will not sell you a course.
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My goal for you is to get your first sale, a true this video.
I want to start with telling you what affiliate marketing is.
Affiliate marketing is promoting someone else’s product or service next change for a commission.
Affiliate marketing is promoting someone else’s product or service in exchange for a commission.
So when you promote someone else’s product or service and you use your unique affiliate link, somebody clicks on it and buys a product to promote you, get money.

He can get affiliate marketers to promote his scores for him in exchange for a commission.
So when somebody buys this WordPress course through an affiliate link, the buyer still pays $100, but instead of $100, going directly to the course owner, $40 goes through the affiliate. $60 goes to the horse owner and the course goes to the buyer.
But the great thing is now that tons of people and promote his scores.
He will share the commission with this affiliate marketers and the visits are still get his scores.
But if you have five sales through affiliates per day, you’re on $60 per seal, which is $300 per day.
The affiliates 40, and the buyer gets the scores.
And the great thing about affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s products, you are another help desk.
These days, everyday people on the internet want to learn things and buy new things.
Your job is to become the mediator, the affiliates between the buyer and the product.
You can go to any product or service online and find out if they have an affiliate program.

When you have one, you can apply to become an affiliate.
When your affiliate account is activated, you get a unique affiliate link.
So if somebody clicks on your unique affiliate link and they buy the product or service, you promote the product knows that the sale comes from you and that the commission should go to you.
And then you see a text of a blog, best orb as website.
A lot of this, this is an affiliate link.
This one is this a link to other blog posts in that way, your whole website will rank better.
I searched for affiliates, affiliates, and look at this.
How, because they have a blog post with the best themes.
This is an affiliate link affiliate one on a 72.

So I log into my affiliate area and what I see, it’s the 14th of September.
So that’s the great thing about affiliate marketing.
And the great thing about is always, you can learn it and then there’s a title, the best and most popular WordPress themes of 2020 updated.
These also, and this is one to the same website, but a complete blog posts.
And then there’s a blog post about the Divi theme.
We have popular resources in the best of hosting reviews, and also hosting is a affiliate link.
So this is a blog post, and then you can click somewhere and then you go through their affiliate link.
And the great thing about a grading, a block post, you can help people to make your blog posts better.

You just need to type a great text that people like to read, and then they can buy your thing you promote.
When you play around with the thing you want to promote, place it over here, write something about it.
And I don’t see a sales yet, but I know if you’re going to make something like this, about the thing you want to promote, and you keep on adding value to your website, people will come and people will buy.
We’re going to create a website or we’re going to mold something, but what are we going to promote as an important question?
I want to give you five ideas on what you can promote.
This video is all about you achieving your goals with defeat of marketing and in the next minute, that will also show you how you can find something to promote.
And there are two rules, there are more rules, but the first one is only promote things that you really like, that you are sure of that will benefit other people.
Don’t promote things that make you a lot of money that do not benefit the person that buys those things.
So get to know the thing you promote.

If you promote something, make sure for instance, if you promote a page builder, like Elementor get to know the page builder, and we just started writing about it, or even to really make a video about it.
So how can you find something to promote?
You can get it at 30 Corp com for slash E book hit enter, and there it is promotes the best fit of products in exchange for a commission.
What’s the first one web hosting, LinkedIn learning.
You can make a website on how to remove the background in a photo in Photoshop.
And then at the end of the blog post, you can say, if you want to learn all about Photoshop, get the scores, and then they can go to LinkedIn learning.
And the great thing with LinkedIn learning, you can learn about cinema four D about blender, about work, about Photoshop, WordPress, about almost anything there is to know.
You can make a website completely focused on Photoshop.
And so everything there is to know about Photoshop and then here at the right, have a link to a course about Photoshop, a complete course.
And then, you know, if you become an affiliate of ThemeForest, you can promote this and you can get money.
So there were some ideas I hope, you know, by now, uh, how you can find something you can promote.

So feel free to go through the internet, find something you like, maybe you’re good at already.
That will make us money because we’re going to use our website to place our affiliate links, and then they click on it and then they buy things.
And for sake of this tutorial, I will subscribe again.
I can go to Ferdy Corp com forward slash E E.
And I will show you how you can create your own affiliate link in this tutorial.
So I get the unlimited downloads by clicking here a $14 50 per month.
I click on start now and I need to create my first name.
If you want to, I click on continue.
I can click on it, get started, or I can go to
So if I copied his link, my base is somewhere on Facebook or on my website or on YouTube or wherever I sent it to through WhatsApp, through friends and they click on it and they bite us.
So I click here, I’ll get plan.
And if you have a domain name already, you can click over here, fill in the domain name.
And I choose an oven tutorial because Envato and tutorial and that’s gum.
So I click on proceed to see if it’s there yet.
Tutorial is available for registration, which are hosting accounts.
So people see us about tutorials and people can see if I see the information, my website is about Envato.
And then you can click on pay now.
The next thing we need to do, we need to click on proceed to the customer area.
Click on the orange button, set up site, and now we can start a new website over here.

I click on select and I choose WordPress.
And then over here can click on site tools and then you’re over here.
So I click over here and then I go to this area, what I want to do first.
And I would say is less encrypt it’s installed for N VAT tutorial.
I click on actions, login to the admin panel.
Are I click on exit and ladies and gentleman, here we are.
The upside is secure with an thought tutorial.
You click over here, my WordPress, and this is the website.
If there are updates for themes or plugins, you can click over here and you see them all and you can update them.
We get another eight comments from people that comment on our tutorials or our blog posts or whatever.
I check both plugins by clicking here, build actions, the activates, or the act faith, both plugins apply.
Then I want to go to the dashboard and click on dismiss by collapse, everything.
Then I want to go over here. and I click on edit profile.
He can give your site a title I can say, and photo tutorials make your digital project better, something like that, or what you can do.
I want to be found on Envato and tutorials learn how to, and then I can base this text.
So you need to play around with that and video and audio tutorial.

I leave it with info tutorials here.
I click on add new upload theme.
I click on install now and I click on activate.
So we’re going to use a free theme and the free page builder and create a beautiful website.
Oh, you can’t go to Ferdi Corp that’s com forward slash ELA mentor hit enter.
Then you can go and click on, get started.
And we’re talking about the free version, but you’ll see as essential elements that gives you even more elements within Elementor and it’s free.
So click on install now, also over here, essentially announce for element or when it’s installed.
So I can go over here to updates or I can click over here.
So if I click on customize and then I go to Heather and there is the logo, but I have a logo that says, I want this tutorial to be as free as possible.
Well, I have a complete tutorial about it.
I call this and the VA and the FA tutorial.
What all to do now with enter, click over here.
I call this and the fire and this one tutorial, and I want to remove this area of here.
I remove it by click on the, I double click on empha and I say, double click and the fire.
I click on the, I bring this back in here.
I say to tutorial, Dettor, we’ll bring this a bit to the right, like this double click, double click on empha, and I can choose something else.
Then I click on the save logo area and I download the lower row, low resolution fell there.

I want to rename this show in finder, call this logo and fire tutorial.
I want to click over here, make it white and click over here.
Also make it white and then click on, save again, download the root low resolution fell.
And then I say logo and the fire tutorial, white like this.
Click on publish, go back and go back.
I want to create a new menu and you can call this whatever you want to, as long as you can remember which menu it is so we can call this uncle, Jim, nobody will see this uncle came also, but I call this main menu and I want to assign his main menu to the primary area in the theme I click on next.
Then I want to have a page gold tutorials.
I can even create a sub, get a sub menu so I can put tutorials on their blog.
Of course, if you go to tutorials, there are a lot, but I want my website to be simple, not too many links, just enough links to get the job done.
And then I click on publish, close it.
So I click on customize again, and I go to the page layout.
And I like it could be right over here and photo tutorials, WordPress theme.
So right now, copyright 25 in between and Vato tutorials.
Then I can go to this whole row, click over here, go to these Island and let me see, I can change the background color.
That’s how easy this all with free stuff.
But besides that, we’re doing a lot of free things and I re I’m really happy with the results.
So I click over here and then I go to the homepage.
I click on edit page and I want to use element or to edit the page.
So I click on edit with Elementor and now we can edit our home page.
So here we have the element or page builder, and this is not an in depth elemental tutorial.
So if I click over here, I have one section, which is the blue area.

And also with different elements, we have the content type, your text, then the style.
Then I wanted to go through the text over here.
I want to make the text color white.
I drag it to the left all the way and the text also make it a bit darker.
So if I go to all the elements clicking here, I can drag a Heather over here and let me go to a few websites,
So a text subtext and call to action and learn more.
And I click on get unlimited downloads because I want to learn more about and elements.
Well, I’m not a fan of copying texts, one on one, but I’m a fan of getting inspiration from certain hair out.
So here we can change the content at the Sao style can change the text.
What kind of text you want to have over here?
So I go back to the elements by clicking here, and I want to add a button.
I want to make the text a little bit bigger, learn more.
I click on default and I go for the text area.
Well, we can do two things here in the element, or I click over here.
I, um, I have not any more because people know who I am through YouTube and through YouTube.
Of course, the better you will rank in Google.

So you can talk, create a blog posts about Envato elements or about sound effects.
So you can talk about photos would evolve elements.
Then you can make a pro and con video, like what is great about info elements or what’s great about the music and Envato elements.
And then the fourth one is, should you get an info element subscription, something like that.
What they did not tell you about fr elements make compelling titles and then really good content.
And then Google will help me here.
I would like to say Envato elements review 2020, or if it’s later 20, 21.
So play around with the project, use things in the project, uh, in using elements or whatever you promote and then write about it, but also get help.
And when you do that, you find out that you can talk a lot about everything that you can do it and follow elements.
So what I could do, I could make a blog posts, how to sign up for a of elements and then record it and then let somebody type it out or type it out yourself.
So the first question is what is Envato elements?
So I searched for what is inviro elements.

If elements is an element of subscription service, where digital asset status to the needs of agencies, these, okay, I do not copy this like copy, but I can say, and father elements is a subscription service that enable you to create high end products like videos, websites, sites, presentations, eBooks, and other digital products.
And then what you can do go to Envato dot elements or elements of that photo.
So I say, you don’t see it in the screen, but I say, and the photo elements growing library, BNG, I can grab it, open it.
And if I want to, I can pick over here and I go to impact signing this a, the affiliate program of info elements.
So last week I made hundred euros with Invado and have auto elements.
And then photo markets in that photo elements, I grabbed the link copy.
And I click over here and now I go to info elements.
I go to the settings of and follow elements.
What I do not use a blog posts, but what I did, I made a video, one video and photo elements, 30 look at this eight months ago, 24,000 views.
They’re searching for things like, Hey, it’s involved with elements, helping something I should use for my business.
So all I also can do photo elements explained, let’s say 60 or 90 seconds, click on the plus video, YouTube.
So let me search for what is Envato elements.
So I click on update, refresh, text, text image, and photo elements explained in 64 seconds, change it to a heading.
So let me see and thought of elements.
And now Dan, you can place a link where, where you say Envato elements or get it here.
You can go to Google and search for Envato elements, images, and can grab something over here or it can create something yourself.
So again, review coma and the photo elements, stock footage, stock, video, stock photo, just keywords that you can add over here.

That is the texts you see over here right now.
But what I can say at the excerpt is what is Envato elements?
And then Novato elements reviewed through 20.
I don’t want to change or add a text over here.
It’s scouting off the texts over here so I can scroll down and here as a feature, I can bring this to 16 by nine.
So I have my beautiful and follow elements review.
So, and if you take a look at one text images, text headaches, links.
And Vato elements, or I would go to Google, maybe better.
And then this and Nevado elements, people are searching for this and they get IDs over here, like free.
I have that one already pricing so I can create a blog post and the photo elements, blog posts, sub subjects.
I can say photo elements, pricing, is it worth it’s or even better is and photo elements worth it.
And if you search on Google for is, and the photo elements is the first thing.
Let’s talk about is Envato elements safe and then talk about, um, copyright Sarah, how does, and the photo elements copyright work.
So again, let’s go back to, and the photo elements, is there a free trial, no bots, you can scroll through everything.

Is there a free trial and Vato elements?
Why is and photo elements, or if it’s legit free, safe, or you can just say, and photo elements it end there.
Scroll down, go to the second page and follow elements.
I already of course have the review, but let’s see, Oh, what can you make with the end photo elements subscription?
What can you make with the photo elements?
Of course, it can also take a look at YouTube and what are people making videos about and follow elements.
You can make it a blog post about and the photo elements, examples, and then get every category video, next one websites.
We click on it and then we choose Google instead of being, and I can search for Envato elements.
I want you to write about auto elements or about evolve elements in combination with video.
So like that, then I go to the text tool I use Avenir.
Let me see how I can play around with the text window character.
What I can do now, maybe I can search for the, and the photo elements, logo.
What you see over here is 11 and vital elements, examples, videos.
So copy the title to the all text.
Because right now I don’t see this text over here.
I will turn the text over here.
And I want to have that infographic design text in the image.
And now the text infographic design is in the thumbnail.
What you can do with the photo alone, make it appealing the text for it.

I go to the elements I search for posts.
If I click on, learn more, I should go to a page about fr elements.
This is so simple out of the wood element or I can import something so I can search for contact.
And the information they get is to help elements, to make better websites.
So I go through the text editor, I drag it over here, base it’s updates.
And if I refresh the page, it looks like that I can also search for and photo elements hit enter, and I see the results over here.
Well, I want to make money with Envato elements.
So what I can do, I can go to impact the affiliate partner off and follow elements.
I go to elements and I can grab this link or I can click on view ads.
And once we let’s say refresh this Envato elements, ready to use creative assets assets.
So recent posts, or I can also say in the title get, and the photo elements.
I can add something over here so I can have a simple text at food or one at the widget.
And the photo elements through this website, I want to show you what you can achieve with an auto elements.
You need to have a disclaimer in the text about that, but we still will see nothing past the text stark.
Here are the widgets new HTML text, edit to footer.

I can drag this on top and what I want to do the text.
I can have text like us the code refresh, and that’s what you can do.
What we would see in Google here, we can have a focus keyword.
Well, I want to focus on Anvato elements or review or, and you see now my blog post is doing a lot better and here I can see an analysis of my website.
You’re using focus keyword in the SEO title and volatile elements review.
So my excerpt, if I go over here to settings, I scroll down excerpt, what is Envato elements?
So if I click over here, what does involve elements?
Find out the pros and cons in this and the Vato elements preview.
And farro elements is a subscription service.
And this and the Vato elements review.
So now, and photo elements review is in the first area of the tech.
So what I can do, I can hit enter over here and I can say, and the Vato elements review on inclusion.
So now, and follow elements are reviewed.
I can write a caption and I can say the photo element and the photo elements review.
And then at the word scan or Google can show their ads is better for them.
So what I need to do now, I need to have more texts.
So now I can go to the Altecs and I can say Avanto elements a review.
And then I can select a few more WhatsApp and Google Gmail, save it.

The more Google knows that this is a good website, the better you will rank.
I can select the thing element or has updates.
And then I can say Anvato elements.
So E or, and photo elements, whatever you want.
I say, E and photo dash elements.
I think it is so I can say and follow elements, do something like that.
So now when I would go to YouTube and I go to, and the photo elements 30, I can place a link.
And the photo elements base, link, shift, anther, save it.
And for slash when people click on it, they go to photo elements.
So even when they are searching, so if a tutorial or an auto elements Verde, it has to be refreshed, but they will see the link over here already.